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Montale Full Incense - A Fragrant Journey to the Exotic World of Incense

If you are someone who loves the exotic and mysterious scents of the East, then Montale Full Incense is the fragrance for you. Montale, the French perfume house, has created a unique blend of incense, spices, and woods that takes you on a fragrant journey to the exotic world of incense.

It is one of the most popular fragrances from the Montale collection, and it has garnered rave reviews from fragrance enthusiasts around the world. The fragrance is an ode to the ancient tradition of burning incense, a practice that has been a part of many cultures for centuries.

Montale Full Incense Notes

Montale Full Incense is a fragrance that combines several rich and resinous notes to create a complex and exotic aroma. At its core is incense, a note that has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies for centuries. This is complemented by elemi resin, a fresh and balsamic note that adds depth and complexity to the fragrance. The addition of French Labdanum, a sweet and resinous note, further enhances the fragrance's complexity, while Virginia Cedar adds warmth and depth with its woody and aromatic profile. Together, these notes create a fragrance that is both rich and exotic, perfect for those looking for a unique and sophisticated scent.

Longevity and Sillage

Montale Full Incense has a great longevity and sillage. It can last for more than 8 hours on the skin, and it has a moderate to heavy sillage. The fragrance is perfect for the colder months and can be worn for any occasion.


Montale Full Incense is a unique and exotic fragrance that is perfect for anyone who loves the scent of incense. The fragrance is a blend of spicy, woody, and resinous notes, and it is perfect for the colder months. The fragrance has a great longevity and sillage, and it comes in an elegant packaging. If you are looking for a high-quality fragrance that will make you stand out from the crowd, then Montale Full Incense is the fragrance for you.

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