Lattafa Ajwad EDP (unisex)

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Lattafa Ajwad - The Perfect Fragrance for Any Occasion

Finding the perfect fragrance can be a daunting task, but Lattafa Ajwad is a scent that has been expertly crafted to provide a rich, luxurious aroma that is perfect for any occasion. This fragrance is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd.

Top Notes: A Burst of Fruity Energy

Lattafa Ajwad provides a refreshing burst of energy, with a perfectly balanced combination of fruity scents. These notes are not overpowering and provide just the right amount of sweetness, making them perfect for those who enjoy a subtle and refreshing fragrance.

Middle Notes: A Beautiful Bouquet of Rose and Jasmine

Moving on to the middle notes, Lattafa Ajwad offers a beautiful combination of rose and jasmine, providing a rich and floral aroma that is both elegant and feminine. The combination of these two scents is expertly crafted to offer a beautiful bouquet that will turn heads wherever you go.

Base Notes: A Warm and Inviting Aroma

Finally, the base notes of Lattafa Ajwad are musk, vanilla, amber, and cedar. These notes provide a warm, woody aroma that is both inviting and comforting. The musk provides a sensual undertone, while the vanilla and amber provide a sweet and earthy scent. The cedar rounds out the fragrance, providing a masculine touch that balances out the sweetness of the other notes.

Lattafa Ajwad - Longevity and Sillage

Regarding longevity, Lattafa Ajwad is a fragrance that will last for hours. This means you can enjoy the beautiful scent all day or night without having to reapply. Additionally, the sillage of this fragrance is moderate, meaning you'll leave a subtle trail of scent behind you without being overpowering.


Lattafa Ajwad is a fragrance that is perfect for anyone looking for a rich and luxurious scent that is both elegant and timeless. With its expertly crafted combination of fruity, floral, and woody notes, this fragrance will surely become a staple in your collection. Try Lattafa Ajwad today and experience the ultimate in fragrance luxury.


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Lattafa Ajwad EDP (unisex)