Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudree EDP (W)

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Introducing Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudree Eau de Parfum: A Luxurious Floral Symphony

Top Notes:

- Orange Blossom: Bright and fresh, offering a captivating introduction.

- Rose: Timeless and romantic, adding a touch of classic elegance.

- Jasmine: Sensual and exotic, enriching the top notes with a floral depth.

Middle Notes:

- *Musk*: Soft and alluring, providing a smooth transition and enhancing the fragrance's complexity.

Base Notes:

- Vanilla: Creamy and sweet, adding warmth and richness to the blend.

- Tonka Bean: Nutty and aromatic, complementing the vanilla with a hint of spiciness.

- Cedar: Woody and grounding, offering a robust and lasting foundation.

- Vetiver: Earthy and green, adding a sophisticated touch.

- Patchouli: Deep and mysterious, enhancing the scent's longevity and depth.

Experience the Luxury:

Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudree Eau de Parfum is an exquisite fragrance that weaves a luxurious tapestry of floral and woody notes. It opens with the bright and captivating scents of orange blossom, rose, and jasmine, creating an initial impression that is both fresh and romantic. These floral top notes are perfectly balanced, setting the stage for the elegance to unfold.

As the fragrance evolves, a heart of soft musk emerges, adding a layer of sensuality and smoothness. This central note bridges the transition between the vibrant opening and the rich base, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated progression.

The base notes of vanilla and tonka bean introduce a warm and creamy sweetness, enriched by the woody depth of cedar, the earthy sophistication of vetiver, and the mysterious allure of patchouli. These elements combine to create a lasting impression that is both inviting and complex, leaving a trail of elegance and allure.

Lattafa Ana Abiyedh Poudree EDP is a versatile and enchanting fragrance, perfect for both day and night wear. Its harmonious blend of floral, sweet, and woody notes ensures a captivating presence that lingers beautifully on the skin. Embrace the luxurious elegance of Ana Abiyedh Poudree, and let its exquisite aroma become your signature scent.


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