Armaf Club De Nuit Urban Men Elixir EDP (M)

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Introducing Armaf Club De Nuit Urban Men Elixir: A Bold and Refined Fragrance

Top Notes:

- Bergamot: Bright and invigorating, providing a refreshing citrus opening.

- Pink Pepper: Spicy and vibrant, adding a touch of excitement.

- Jasmine: Sensual and floral, enhancing the fragrance with a rich depth.

- **Orange Blossom**: Sweet and fresh, contributing a sophisticated elegance.

Middle Notes:

- Lavender: Aromatic and calming, offering a timeless appeal.

- Elemi: Resinous and spicy, adding a unique complexity.

- Geranium: Green and slightly minty, lending a fresh and floral touch.

- Saffron: Luxurious and warm, bringing an exotic richness.

- Vetiver: Earthy and woody, grounding the fragrance with an aromatic depth.

- Tagetes: Herbal and citrusy, adding a bright and lively character.

Base Notes:

- Ambroxan: Modern and musky, providing a long-lasting and sensual foundation.

- Amber: Warm and resinous, adding a deep and inviting richness.

- Patchouli: Earthy and aromatic, enhancing the fragrance's depth and longevity.

- Cedar: Woody and robust, offering a solid and sophisticated base.

- Labdanum: Balsamic and sweet, contributing a luxurious and lasting finish.

Experience the Sophistication:

Armaf Club De Nuit Urban Men Elixir is a masterful blend of vibrant citrus, aromatic spices, and rich woody notes, creating a fragrance that is both bold and refined. The scent opens with a bright and invigorating burst of bergamot and orange blossom, complemented by the spicy vibrancy of pink pepper and the sensual depth of jasmine. This captivating introduction sets the stage for the complexity to unfold.

In the heart, aromatic lavender, resinous elemi, and fresh geranium blend seamlessly with the luxurious warmth of saffron and the earthy depth of vetiver and tagetes. This rich and sophisticated middle layer adds a unique complexity that enhances the fragrance's appeal.

The base notes provide a lasting and sensual foundation, with modern ambroxan and warm amber creating a deep and inviting richness. Earthy patchouli, robust cedar, and sweet labdanum round out the composition, ensuring a long-lasting and memorable scent experience.

Versatile and Captivating:

Armaf Club De Nuit Urban Men Elixir is perfect for the modern man who seeks a fragrance that exudes confidence and sophistication. Its versatile blend of notes makes it suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town. Embrace the bold and refined character of Club De Nuit Urban Men Elixir, and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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